👋 Welcome to the Accessibility Designer Guide! v1.1

Last Update: 20.10.2020

If you are interested in barrier-free design and you need design guidelines to support you during the process, then you have come to the right place.

In this guide I try to answer as many questions as possible about Accessibility Design based on existing guidelines W3C and my personal experience. Before you jump into the topic you should know that this guide is limited to design only and does not cover the topic of code. It does partly relate to code, but only superficially.

As a designer, it is always difficult to get accessible design explained in an understandable way. Usability is a topic that is much more on the mind. But usability and accessibility have no clear boundaries. My goal in this guide is to combine accessibility with usability. That’s why you will find labels in each chapter that refer to the corresponding heuristics of Jakob Nielsen.


You can work on this guide, it is not finished yet. Please send me an issue or a pull request, you can also mail me if you have added a new article or want to suggest changes. Read more about becoming a contributor in my GitHub repo.